2019 Season Panel Discussion

Jefferson County Community Gardens Panel Discussion
Time:  7:00 PM
Location:  Port Townsend Library, Carnegie Room
Panel Introduction: Marilyn Friedrich
Large Community Garden: Dundee Hill -Judy Alexander
Small Community Garden: North Beach-Marilyn Friedrich
Pea Patch Garden: Swan Farm-Dave Seabrook
Food Bank Gardens & Food Storage: Kathy Ryan
Port Townsend School Gardens: Stacy Larsen
Seed Library, WSU- Karen Seabrook
Each panel member will speak about their own garden, how it is unique, what their best practices are and perhaps problems they had this season that they would like to solve during this next year.
These 6-10 minute presentations will be followed by an open discussion with members of the audience to share ideas, problems and solutions from garden to garden.
Notes from this presentation will be taken and later shared with all interested parties as well as on this website.

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