PTHS 2018 Annual Report

Port Townsend High School Garden Annual Report 2018

Garden Hours 
Coordination/Teaching: 225.5
Student Hours: 360
Volunteer Hours: 169.5

Crops Harvested in pounds
Food Bank: 927.5
School: 614
Volunteer/Student: 231

Total: 1,772.5 pounds


2018 was the fourth consecutive year that 9th-Grade Health students participated in garden lessons and management.  In general, students spent a bit less time in the garden than in previous years, due to schedule constraints and classroom-based time commitments.

As always, student learning focused on soil care, compost, seed, organic growing practices, and concepts of community service.  Students appreciate that their efforts in the garden translate to food for their school and our nearby Food Bank.

A group of community members and school employees visited South Whidbey School district in July.  We observed the impressive growing spaces at two schools and heard a bit about the district’s fully integrated Kindergarten-12 grade gardening curriculum. Our assistant superintendent was present on the tour, and the expectation is that she will be helping to craft a similar curriculum in all Port Townsend schools.  The district certainly has the physical spaces to facilitate this type of learning, but we are currently lacking the time, direction and teacher involvement to create a more comprehensive experience for students.

Upcoming in 2019

– Work will continue on pollinator area on slope above garden. Asphalt has been removed, students have set retaining logs on the slope, and deep leaf litter has been placed over soil.

-Washington State University Master Gardeners are helping with plant selection and design of pollinator area.

-Construction has begun on 10’x20’ covered vegetable washing area and gathering area.  Structure will be partially built by students and should be ready in time for washing vegetables this spring.  We are hoping to run water and electricity to structure.