Quimper Grange Garden 2018 Annual Report

Grange Garden  Year End Report 1-3-19

Crops Harvested Total: 3,071.75 pounds

Volunteer Hours Total: 526.5 hours

                  Thanks to all our volunteers without whom none of this would be possible!!!

Summary Report:

The quiet season (?) has been busy with …

  • -clearing and cover-cropping beds; fava beans and peas have done surprisingly well!
  • -organization of seasonally used materials, by Kathy and Sam
  • -the addition of a generous donation of biochar by Francesco Tortorici,
  • -the replacement of a worn work station thanks to a local yard sale, and Jo
  • -relocation of the worm bins within the deer fencing, to be constructed by Alia
  • -a 4th composter, donated in exchange for the use of the hall for a composting program.
  • -ongoing work on the sheet mulching by a new volunteer, Sam C.,
  • -trimming the raspberries for winter by Kathy and Jo
  • -harvesting support by Tomico who learned of us through her volunteering at the Food Bank,
  • -the clearing and recycling of the epic tomato and cucumber harvests in the hoop houses by Stephen C.
  • -Emily continues to manage seeds and starts, and Laura and Beth continue to provide invaluable support weeding.
  • -Jo is still the lynchpin of the garden, planting and harvesting, bagging her much loved salads, planning the 2019 crops and crop rotations, and there nearly daily.

Many thanks to the Quimper Grange for their use of space, water, electricity and support.

The big project for the coming year will be the replacement of the irrigation tape with a heavier, more durable version.