What follows is a letter we received in our email today October 17th!

Congratulations! For the 2019 year we decided to grant the $1070 in funds to the Food Bank Farm and Garden Program based on their alignment with our values and their clearly defined need of funds for two upcoming projects. Our plan is to split these funds to help both projects, one project is to purchase a freeze dryer to save excess fall harvest through the winter and the other is for developing the food bank garden in Chimacum. Both projects help create resiliency and food access in our communities and we THANK YOU for your efforts.

This is our second year and we are happy to be able to provide the community with extra funds to support food resiliency.  We knew this wouldn’t be an easy decision and it most definitely wasn’t.  There were ten applicants this year, a number we hope to grow in the next few years. All applicants fit into our four pillars of community sharing, and all had an honorable mission to achieve.

Our process was as follows.  In early October, a team of five gathered to discuss how we would rate the applicants based on a decision matrix with the following categories – project feasibility, operational need, community need, quality of application, track record, and uniqueness. This year was exceptionally hard as all application had great projects they were working on. 

 Warm Regards,

 Andrea Stafford

Food Co-op Marketing Manager

414 Kearney St., Port Townsend, WA 98368


  1. Many thanks to the Port Townsend Food COOP for supporting FBFG again this year! The funds will go toward the freeze dryer pilot project and to support the FBFG garden plot development at Finn River.
    Thanks to Sam and Katelyn for bringing in about 100# of vegetables this first year. The manager at the TriArea Foodbank raves about their quality and energy! [And we agree!]

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