Economics of Happiness

The Food Bank Farm & Gardens will have a presence at the fantastic Economics of Happiness Conference tomorrow. If you’re planning to attend, don’t miss the Local Food Panel Discussion: Hear from a cross section of local food activists from Port Townsend, WA as they describe both their part in the system, and their connection to the others on the panel. The result will be awareness that access to and creation of a resilient local food system is greatly enhanced by the inter weavings of the people interested in the various elements of that system. What is represented by the panelists are community gardens, food bank gardens, school gardens, fruit tree and farm crop gleaning, a school food service that regularly uses local food in its menus, a web design that makes it possible for people to purchase garden produce from neighbors’ gardens, a highly collaborative effort at preservation of farms, and an entrepreneurial effort to create a strategic location for local farmers to sell their fare. All aspects play a key and integrative role in the expanding local food system of Port Townsend, Washington. Q and A will follow brief panel member contributions.

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